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Why do we Spritz ? – Sparkling Van

Italian Tradition

This cocktail has its origins in Austria, and over the years it has become a real favorite at aperitivos in Milan and much of northern Italy. It got its start in the late 1700s and early 1800s when Austrian soldiers based in Italy, accustomed to drinking beer, used water to stretch the wines of Veneto, which were too alcoholic for them. The name spritz, in fact, comes from the German word spritzen, which means to splash. White wine and carbonated water was the first spritz, made Austro-Hungarian style. And a word to the wise: in many areas in Friuli Venezia Giulia, if you ask for a spritz they will still bring you this. The spritz that won over Italian palates was born in the 1920s with the idea of tinting the cocktail with a drop of bitters. Then there were two versions, the more “continental” one in Padua made with Aperol and the “lagoon style” one made with Select, a bitters made by Pilla Brothers. Although the latter belongs to Venice, the former became common throughout northern Italy in the 1970s, and then achieved enough global success to be listed by the International Bartenders Association as “Venetian Spritz.” Spritz can also be made with a still or sparkling white wine.

Select Spritz

Select, with its refined aromatic profile and balanced bittersweet taste, is the essential ingredient used in the classic Venetian Spritz, a drink topped, according to the traditional recipe, with a large green olive.

Aperol Spritz

Light that Orange Spark! – Aperol

Created in 1919 by the Barbieri brothers, Luigi and Silvio, in the liqueur company of their father, Aperol is an aperitivo made from seven years of experimentation. In the immediate post-war period and in later years, Aperol became popular all over Italy, particularly with young adults gathered in cafes in Padua and traditional bars in Venice.

1950-1960 – Welcome Aperol Spritz

In the 50’s the famous recipe that made Aperol Spritz cocktail so popular was born. This is also the period of “Il Carosello”, the first Aperol TV commercial.

1980-1990 From Veneto to the World

A period of great active impulse for Aperol communication begins, gaining a more cosmopolitan and international dimension.

Aperol Spritz Revolution Following Aperol’s acquisition by Gruppo Campari, the brand continues a strong advertising campaign behind Aperol Spritz and becomes more international. These are the years when Aperol builds strong ties to consumers through art, advertising, music and lifestyle, achieving resounding success in Italy and around the world.

2009-2018 Aperol Spritz Vibes
The Aperol Spritz drink vibes reach town squares with a world record event and its vibrant and cheerful atmosphere.

2019 – 2022 – 100 Years of Joy
Recognised around the world for accompanying life’s magic moments. A backdrop to those shared connections between friends; spontaneous and light-hearted, meaningful and precious. Aperol raises a glass to 100 years of joyful moments. Here’s to sharing many more together!

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